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NYC Snow Alert #2

More incoming. Quoting: Special Statement Issued: 2:54 PM EST Dec. 13, 2017 – National Weather Service … Accumulating snow early Thursday morning… Light snow is expected to develop overnight and continue into portions of the morning commute. Around 1 to … Continue reading

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That Thing Called Luck

Luck! Everyone wants luck. Good fortune. The breaks. Derren Brown created a rumor about a lucky dog statue in a town. Aside from that, he arranged for some people to have lucky encounters. What happened next reaffirms what I’ve read … Continue reading

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Micro Kickboard’s New 2018 Electric Scooters

Micro Kickboaard once had the e-Micro One kick-assist electric scooter. It was an expensive and flawed product. It required kick to start and kick to continue. That is, every 5-10 seconds, the scooter would begin to decelerate, requiring another kick! … Continue reading

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Oren Starts An Electric Skateboard Trend

Reddit: My Tupperboard These Sistema sandwich containers were first used by Oren in his great YouTube video. I’m glad to see them catching on. They protect components while still allowing easy access to them without dealing with screws (The Meepo … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality Protest

Without notifying me, WordPress is protesting the possible repeal of Net Neutrality by doing this with my blog: It would have been nice if I had been given that choice. But then, if Net Neutrality is repealed, none of us … Continue reading

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