Micro Kickboard’s New 2018 Electric Scooters

Micro Kickboaard once had the e-Micro One kick-assist electric scooter. It was an expensive and flawed product. It required kick to start and kick to continue. That is, every 5-10 seconds, the scooter would begin to decelerate, requiring another kick! They should have paid attention and studied the Endless Ride mode of the Mellow Boards system, where a kick will create acceleration that never ends until the brake is engaged. Kicks were required because the scooter lacked any thumb throttle.

Now Micro Kickboard is back with two new electric scooters for 2018, the Micro Falcon and the Micro Condor. Why these have bird names is a mystery only the Swiss can answer.

However, both of these have conventional thumb throttles.

I don’t know how many e-Micro One electric scooters were sold, but I suspect these two models will sell even less.

They are both overpriced and overweight.

For the greater-than-US$1,000 price, they should include an app. They don’t. They also lack any control panel, so it’s not possible to see speed, trip distance, total use distance, or even battery level.

They also lack any sort of suspension. That’s shocking for the price!

And anyone who believes the Falcon is the “lightest throttle powered scooter at 17.5 pounds,” is a sucker who deserves to be fleeced.

These things are basically more like a bicycle than something electric scooterish in the year 2017 — and they’ll be out in 2018!

All Micro Kickboard really needed to do was add Endless Ride mode to their original scooter and drop the price at least by half.

These two new models can’t compete in 2017 and especially not in 2018.

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