Harlan Ellison On Brother Theodore

I’ve posted about Brother Theodore once before.

He popped into my head again and I was surprised to find a clip of Harlan Ellison discussing him. Apparently an entire documentary was made about Brother Theodore.

The man everyone saw as a raving crank on David Letterman’s show once had a far different future ahead of him. His parents were publishing magnates in Europe, making a fortune from a line of fashion magazines.

And then those motherfucking Nazis happened.

His family was exterminated.

He should have grown up to become one of the richest men in the world. And not an idle rich, either. He was a brilliant, brilliant man. Einstein — yes, as in Albert — was a family friend! Theodore would play chess against thirty people at one time. When you think about who he could have — should have — been and what we lost, it’s just staggering.

After the break, Harlan Ellison.

TO MY GREAT CHAGRIN: Brother Theodore – Harlan Ellison clip

One of the (too many!) regrets in my life is passing the venue where Brother Theodore performed, seeing the sign announcing him, and never going to see him in person.

Here’s another clip, with him in a Nazi uniform. He probably loved ridiculing those insane, murderous bastards like this:

Brother Theodore in Gums (1976)- 1st Scene

Rest in peace, Brother Theodore. You were an original and the world has far fewer these days.


Wikipedia: Brother Theodore

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