Inmotion Enters Electric Skateboard Market

With a really crap promo video that I (gently) yelled at them on YouTube about.

Inmotion is a leader in electric scooters, electric bikes (their P1 is either rebranded in America as the SwagCycle or is a clone of it), and electric unicycles. They’re not a fly-by-night or sketchy company. So for them to enter the electric skateboard market is a significant move.

With a 150-watt single hub rear motor, this isn’t going to be the most powerful deck on the road. But even worse, there’s no remote control. They’ve jumped on the bandwagon of incorporating a weight sensor in the deck for control:

This idea was first used by Walnutt in the Spectra electric skateboard. And it has yet to be proven that it works at all. Unfortunately, this idea is the electric skateboard Flavor of the Month and at least two other companies have boards coming out with deck sensors and no remotes. This a trend that I hope has a quick death.

For that reason alone, despite the well-known and reputable brand-name, I can’t recommend anyone buy this board.

After the break, full specs and the disappointing video.

Portable Electric Skateboard Review — Inmotion K1


Inmotion K1 page

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