New Electric Scooter: Cityrover

This is an interesting surface design but I’m not yet sure it adds anything new to the world of electric scooters.

More screensnaps, missing details, and the video after the break.

Interesting deck surface:

Large Control Panel between handlebar fork:

Eight-inch tires:

Closer view of deck and rear mudguard/foot brake:

The U-shaped front light is described as decorative while the top twin lights are supposed to illuminate the road:

The battery is removable and is locked with a key:

A single power cord to the front motor:

USB port:


To unfold, foot press on the mudguard to release:


Pointing out the thickness of the frame that connects to the deck:

This is what I left as a YouTube Comment:

Very interesting. But more info needed:

1) Battery is 24 or 36v?
2) Scooter weight?
3) What does the Control Panel look like?
4) Is there a companion app?
5) Max speed?
6) Max hill climb ability?
7) Regenerative braking?
8) Wattage of motor?
9) Rear brake is foot-pressure only?
10) Cruise Control?
11) Braking distance at max speed?
12) Tires solid or inflatable?
13) Price?

Videos such as this are really beginning to irritate me and another post on this subject is coming.

Meanwhile, the video:

CityroverYJC New Electric scooter C1

Astute viewers will have recognized YJC in the video title. Yep, this is one of the developers of the dual-motor carbon fiber scooter.

Previously here:

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