Video: Disassembly Of Inmotion K1 Electric Skateboard

So this is what the weight sensor looks like:

Click = big

If they think that won’t wear out faster than a remote control, they’ve got surprises ahead!

Other than the weight sensor, the rest of the board is a very straightforward affair. Unfortunately, it’s shot from a single view when close-ups should have been intercut. I would have liked to have seen the ESC up close. The battery pack looks like one that can be easily purchased elsewhere.

See the video after the break.

Longboard Electric Skateboard INMOTION K1 dismantle video

This is still a board I recommend people avoid. These weight sensors have yet to be proven and no one should be a guinea pig with their money. Inmotion needs to seed credible YouTube reviewers who can report on the validity and practicality of a remoteless electric skateboard. So far, there’s been not one single YouTube video for any brand of board using this scheme that inspires buying confidence.

Previously here:

Inmotion Enters Electric Skateboard Market
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