Your YouTube Video Is The Most Important Day Of Your Life

Imagine you’re some poor powerless schlub.

And you’re told that you’ve been granted an audience with the King, the Pope, or the CEO of your company.

This will be the most important day of your life.

What are you going to do?

I’ll tell you what you damn well better do!

You better prepare!

You’ve got this one shot at that person’s precious attention.

Are you going to waste it?

If you have any brains at all, you will work your ass off to impress the hell out of the person you’re going to meet.

Because all you’ve got is this one shot.

Clever people will prepare to such a degree that this meeting will lead to more meetings.

Because who wants that kind of attention only once? Only an idiot who doesn’t recognize the rarity of the opportunity and how one opportunity can lead to other opportunities.

So you prepare like hell. You get your hair cut, nails trimmed, a new suit or other appropriate attire, maybe you even go to one of those spas that can brighten up your skin. The whole nine yards.

You’ve given deep and complete thought to what you want to say. You’ve run down a seeming infinity of decision trees over the best points to make, answers to possible questions, and the overall impression and impact of the message you want to deliver. This is your one shot at that precious and rare attention and you’re not going to waste it, dammit!

You want to be look your best, present your best, and capture that very precious and rare attention while you can and be interesting enough, engaging enough, exciting enough, and intriguing enough that you’ll warrant even more attention.

That is exactly your situation when your company posts any YouTube video for a new product.

If you don’t understand that, get the fuck off YouTube with your time-wasting shit!

Despite my screaming, you need to know that I’m the kind of guy who will give you more than one shot on YouTube. I’ll be irritated, but I can also be somewhat patient.

But most people aren’t so patient or tolerant.

They are the King, the Pope, the CEO. Don’t waste their time!

Your YouTube video has to be thought of as a Super Bowl or Oscars telecast commercial. You have the opportunity to address the largest possible audience in the world. That’s true for every single video you post to YouTube.

So before you post any damn thing, stop and ask these questions:

1) What do we want to accomplish with this?

2) What information should we present with this?

3) What visuals will best illustrate the utility and uniqueness of our product?

4) How can we generate interest now that will lead to further interest?

5) How can we best convert these viewers into paying customers?

And those five things are just for starters!

What, am I suddenly your free Marketing Division?

I’ve given you enough here to start with. The rest is up to you.

Stop wasting precious, valuable, and possibly once-in-a-lifetime attention.

Have an aim before you begin.

Don’t post any damned thing unless it’s the best possible thing you can do.

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