More Details About The New YJC Cityrover Electric Scooter

My YouTube Comment was answered. See the details that were missing from their first video after the break.

1) Battery is 24 or 36v? – 36V

2) Scooter weight? – 13.5kg

3) What does the Control Panel look like? – It’s a Crystal screen, and with touch screen keys

4) Is there a companion app? – No

5) Max speed? – 25km/h (Max speed for this kinds of scooter based on regulation)

6) Max hill climb ability? – 15 [degrees]

7) Regenerative braking? – No

8) Wattage of motor? – 300W

9) Rear brake is foot-pressure only? – Yes

10) Cruise Control? – No, cancel the design cuz of safety reason

11) Braking distance at max speed? – less than 8 meters

12) Tires solid or inflatable? – Solid tires

13) Price? – For retails price, it range around 800 to 850 USD, while it’s up to reseller themselves, and local market situation

The two surprises:

1) No regenerative braking. Given that not burning out the ESC or ruining the battery has been a problem with both electric scooters and skateboards unless very expensive engineering is involved, I wonder if removing that will become a trend until a less pricey solution is found?

2) No Cruise Control! Well, that’s a real stunner. I hope the thumb throttle on this scooter doesn’t require the same amount as pressure as the E-TWOW/Uscooters Booster. Keeping the thumb in that position can become annoying very quickly.

Good luck, YJC!

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