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Video: Near-Complete Disassembly Of Inmotion L6 Electric Scooter

Near-complete because look: The front wheel — lower left corner — still has the suspension, fender/mudguard, and tire on the rim. Still, this is something to see. Inmotion has built this thing like a tank!

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Inmotion K1 Is Actually Trying To Create An Entirely New Skateboard Market

January 2, 2018 update: See Inmotion: Not Pioneering A New Skateboard Niche. Inmotion and others posted some new videos during my absence about the K1 whose initial video prompted this post. They’ve helped me grok the K1 now. This is … Continue reading

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DIY Electric ELOS Gets Reviewed, But It’s All In Chinese!

Is there anyone who can summarize the content of the two videos after the break? What I can gather just from the visuals is that the range seems to be rather short, but nothing else.

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THIS Is How To Do A YouTube Promo Video

The Forward Working Group has been posting on YouTube about the development of their new battery for some time. They have over 99,000 Subscribers following their progress. With the development of their new C6 Power Blade, they’ve created a YouTube … Continue reading

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The Post-Maria Horror In Puerto Rico Continues

It’s now the cover story of New York Magazine:

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NYC Death Cold Ahead

Click to enlarge to see the impending misery:

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Doctor Who: Capaldi’s End

I was never fond of Capaldi’s performance as The Doctor. I stopped watching most of them. I still can’t put my finger on why I never warmed to him. I kept getting the impression he was playing it for kids, … Continue reading

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December 23-25 2017 (Long) Weekend In Review

The shortest one yet. Nothing was on the road. I saw a womaan in her late 30s or early 40s with a Xooter kick scooter on the bus to the ferry. Oddly, even though it’s an all-kick scooter, it was … Continue reading

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