EcoRider E7-1 Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard

Holy freakin hell!

A new skateboard design!

And it looks like a beast!

At 28lbs, this is as heavy as some electric scooters!

The claimed range is between 18-24 miles. Oddly, a top speed of only 15mph (is it intentionally throttled by the manufacturer?).


I’ve watched this video more than once and still can’t get over what I’m looking at:

EcoRider E7-1 Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard

After seeing everything that’s basically a variation on the same theme, this comes along with something entirely new.

It also proves that if you have a product that is so different from what others have, you don’t need specs in the promo video to get people curious!

I’m curious as hell and want to see some YouTube reviewers with their hands on this one.

Well done, EcoRider!

Same-day update: I can’t help wondering if I’ve been snookered. I was curious about why it said Vmax on the side and found this: VMAX Rebel Board.

And then tungvu256 on Reddit pointed out that it looks like a clone of a board BMW(!) put out. Here’s a copy of the BMW promo video (not from the BMW YouTube):

BMW Skateboard 2003

But notice that it’s a kick skateboard.

Then someone did this:

BMW Streetcarver Eletricboard custom test driving

So, EcoRider took (stole?) the BMW design and the electric conversion idea and put them together?


EcoRider E7-1 website

Previously here:

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