Inmotion: Not Pioneering A New Skateboard Niche

January 3, 2018 update: See Not Inmotion, Not Hover-1, So ZBoard?

Dealing with China is nothing but frustration.

Just when it seems that a Chinese company is doing something different, further research unveils the truth: They’ve cloned someone else again!

In a prior post — Inmotion K1 Is Actually Trying To Create An Entirely New Skateboard Market — I praised Inmotion.

I shouldn’t have.

Their new board is a clone that I actually saw before, in person, but didn’t know what I was seeing because I didn’t ask. I should have asked!

In my December 2-3, 2017 Weekend In Review post, I wrote:

The only other electric skateboard I saw was called X-Hover and closely resembled the Meepo Campus, down to having a cut-out handle. I lifted it and was surprised at how damn heavy it was! I didn’t ask the price. I can’t find it at Paragon’s site, but here’s a Best Buy listing that puts it at a whopping US$299.

That is the board Inmotion has cloned.

It is the pioneer. Not Inmotion.

Some screensnaps from the Hover-1 Cruze promo video:

The video:


And another video:

Best Electric Skateboard Hover 1 Cruze

This is exactly the board I saw at Paragon Sports:

If I had bothered to ask about it, I would have known a month ago that I was seeing something new in electric skateboards.

From now on, I will damn well ask!

With its single hub drive 150-watt motor, this is built strictly for flats, despite the stunts shown in the video. With a max speed of 8.5mph (or 11mph, it’s unclear) and max distance of 5 miles (or 9 miles, again unclear), this isn’t a primary board for grownups but could be a backup board just to run to a nearby store. Its charging time of 2 hours doesn’t do anyone any favors, however.

But at US$299, I doubt many people will buy it. It should be US$150-$199.

And for the kicker, Inmotion is cloning something invented by a kid!

Young Inventor Success Story


Hover-1 Cruze web page

Previously here:

Inmotion K1 Is Actually Trying To Create An Entirely New Skateboard Market
December 2-3, 2017 Weekend In Review
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5 Responses to Inmotion: Not Pioneering A New Skateboard Niche

  1. Andrew Jiang says:

    Research more before you post, man! This is just a similar case of swagcycle and INMOTION P1, do you know there is a word called “OEM”? Who copy who?

  2. Andrew Jiang says:

    INMOTION started K1 research and development in 2016, and released it in January 2017. check more before you post, so funny~

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