Too-Long Weekend Review, December 28, 2017-January 1, 2018

Yes, I am back at the keyboard a day earlier than I expected.

New York City has been inundated with malicious cold from the Arctic and that’s kept me generally away from being outside. I’m sure 99% of people who ride electric skateboards, scooters, and suchlike also stayed inside or just walked.

On Friday, however, when it was in the 20s with windchill in the teens, I spotted an electric skateboard coming up the ramp from the St. George Ferry Terminal. It had two gold motors outside of its deck rear. It had a red-M logo on the deck. I couldn’t identify it. The closest anyone on Reddit could get was the Evolve Bamboo GTX. But that’s not the deck or logo I saw. I should have yelled to the guy to ask what brand. Especially since afterwards he went up a damn Death Hill with it!

No reading was done. My brain was — and continues to be — too stressed-out by the cold to do any sustained concentration.

Send warmth!

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