Hexa-Wheeled Electric ELOS Ride Videos

This is just sooooo badass now that I’ve seen it in motion!

And that’s not the same ELOS as in the prior video.

So now there are at least three of these in the world:

I really wonder what that would be like with a belt drive!

The videos:

[Elos都會滑板] Elos滑板升級! 六輪蟑螂號登場

[Elos都會滑板] Elos滑板升級!一刀未剪 六輪蟑螂號測試

Looking at that, all I can think of is the Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (SPV) from the Captain Scarlet TV series:

Now I think I want a blue ELOS with that front truck, belt drive, and a Spectrum logo …

… and SPV in big letters.

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