Blade Runner 2049

I’m not a fan of the first movie — it’s not Dick’s book at all — but I appreciate that it brought something entirely new to the screen.

The problem with going back to it with a sequel is that everything then becomes old.

And this sequel … well, what the hell was the point? Is there to be a third one, Uprising Of The Nexii? This is Planet of the Apes territory. Leave it alone already.

Way too long, way too dull, way too emotionless. 2001: A Space Odyssey seems like a car chase by comparison!

The only interesting thing in it was something I’m certain hardly anyone noticed:

The logical extension of the self-esteem/self-help/motivation sector. Imagine the horrible future when you can have Napoleon Hill or Tony Robbins as a “life coach” hologram, telling you delusional shit to deflect your incompetency.

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