Electric ELOS Now Available Outside Taiwan (Not From Johnny)

Well, this is a big development.

Others in Taiwan have picked up the electric ELOS mantle and will accept non-Taiwanese as customers! Johnny has been excluding foreign customers all this time (for unknown reasons, but given that he provides local repair service that might be it).

How did I find out about this?


See? I told you that YouTube matters!

The video is in Chinese but is easy to parse. Screensnaps:

The complete electric ELOS package:

AC charger, pointing out charging light:

The now-standard (it’s shared across many brand-name and generic electric skateboards out of China) three-speed remote control:

An included T-tool for maintenance and repair:

But what’s that? It’ll be clear coming up:

Pointing to the battery pack enclosure (underneath):

And this is a twist:

It’s a DIY install-it-yourself headlight(!):

Really, there are better options than that but it’s interesting that it’s included.

And the really big surprise:

Unlike Johnny’s electric ELOS conversions, this is a dual-hub drive! Johnny is adamant that he will never sell a dual-hub drive electric ELOS. He believes it is unsafe.

Here is an even bigger surprise:

The polyurethane wheels on the hub motors can be replaced! This is not possible with Johnny’s single-hub motor electric ELOS.

The On/Off switch on the enclosure:

The same enclosure Johnny uses (it’s a standard part in China):

Revving up the dual-hub motors:

And OK!

Now the video, with more information about all of this — and more — afterwards.


Line-by-line Google Translation of video description:

An elos electric skateboard to give foreign guests!

Used is a special dual-drive changeable tire motor!

Warranty does not cover supplies,

warranty inner tire wear …. 1100 / pcs!

Tire skin wear easily? ….very easy!

To a Macau customer dual-drive changeable tire elos skateboard!

The guests things as their own things to deal with! It is our principle!

Perhaps not the most perfect! But we do our best to be the best!

And there’s a link to a Taiwan commerce site called Shoppee. A Chrome-translated screensnap (click any to enlarge):

The price is in Taiwanese currency. That range translates to U.S. dollars as approximately US$345 to US$426. Without shipping.

And, paradoxically (or should I have expected it, given all my trips to AliExpress and Taobao?), the listing also offers single-hub motor electric ELOS, also with replaceable polyurethane wheel for the motor.

This is the Chrome-mangled translation of the Description (not reformatted for line-by-line; Chrome presents it as this glob of text):

A group of fans https://www.facebook.com/groups/271912236546535/ A plate of the shell motor are now replaced by “changeable tire motor” The following is a changeable tire motor https: // youtu .be / -5j1Tpq3RBw You also need to buy the whole skin after wear motor motor kit? At present, Taipei, Taichung, Tainan have strongholds, can be installed, repaired, testing! “” T, remote control lights donated “(gifts without warranty) Single-drive changeable tire skin: 10200 Dual-drive changeable tire skin: 12100 4A continental battery (can be upgraded Korean 4.4AH battery +500) Detection no problem in the shipping ________________________ Measured: Weight 60 kg The maximum speed of 20 to 25 km / h Standard battery life of about 16 km battery life Standard battery dual-drive battery life of about 13 km This section is actually the result of their actual run, each body weight , Traffic, brakes, no way to give a standard Many sellers are known to run 30, battery life more than 20, you just ask him a word: If not to such speed or battery life can return it? I do not want to deceive guests, so I will not report such fantastic data! ! ________________________ Warranty: Warranty for this product for six months warranty, and the other battery can not be sent because it is not covered by a warranty Currently in North Taiwan have maintenance stations, one Taiwan to buy the whole service! ! Taipei in the new Beitou MRT station in Taichung near Nantun good city near Tainan near the Anping Street Welcome test board ________________________ @ low price / high CP value / suitable for contemporary walking tools @ glide start, the power is turned on automatically @ The latest electronic control linear acceleration and braking, easy to control, high safety Electric skateboarding introduction: 1. Battery: common with 2.2AH, 4.4AH and 8.8AH, the higher the power, the longer the battery life, because the battery becomes more, so the weight will be Heavier 2. Board types: a long board, fish plate, carbon fiber skateboard, mini version, the shorter the better body to carry, but the long board is relatively good to use, stability is better 3. Type of motor: Yes Belt drive and hub motor, external motor because of the need to rely on the belt drive, so more supplies and parts, and the hub motor is built-in wheels in the motor, do not change the belt, the parts are less,

Setting aside the range and speed claims, what stands out is that the stock — and I guess least-expensive — model comes with a Chinese battery. A Korean (Samsung? LG?) battery is offered as an option. There’s also mention of an 8.8mAh battery, but I doubt it because I don’t think it would fit that enclosure. The warranty is six months. That’s something useless unless you have inexpensive shipping back and forth between Taiwan and where you are!

(The Facebook page cited has some pictures of very strange electric skateboards, which I’ll put in a separate post.)

As for payment, only VISA is specifically mentioned as a brand-name credit card:

How to make credit card / VISA financial card payment? is it safe?
After you place an order, go to the shopping list → Unpaid Click “Pay Now”. Choose your previously saved credit / VISA card and your payment will be completed.

If you are the first to pay by credit / VISA card, please click “+ Credit Card”. Once you have entered your card information on one page, your payment will be completed.

Shrimp shopping will automatically remember the credit card number, “Remember the credit card” function is designed for your shopping convenience. Do not worry, our system protects your credit card information properly and securely. If you want to delete credit card information, you can delete the card number information from “My” → “My Account” → “Bank Account / Credit Card”.

Delivery method is unknown and the Help Center is very unclear. Contacting Shoppee Support or the seller will probably fix that.

A less-expensive alternative to a completely-converted electric ELOS is to buy the kit itself:

The price range converted to U.S. dollars is approximately US$189 to US$250. The range will depend on single or dual hub motor and type of battery. Payment and shipping remain obscure at this time.

Note that this isn’t the kit Johnny uses. This kit has replaceable polyurethane wheels for the motor(s).

Getting the kit is probably the best option since the ELOS skateboard itself is shipped within America and would arrive faster. All that’s really needed to install the kit is a power drill to create the holes in the deck to affix the battery/ESC enclosure. Everything else electronic snaps together via connectors without any soldering required. The main skill needed is taking care to align the drilled holes to that of the enclosure. Affixing the hub motor truck is nothing special and can be done with a T-tool or even screwdriver and wrench.

The Shoppee site also reveals where Taiwan electric ELOS owners have been getting the unusual foot guides:

And those weirdly-shaped things they add to the foot guide areas:

And this is the exact front truck seen in the videos of a hexa-wheeled electric ELOS:

This has been a very fruitful day for electric ELOS discovery! After months of mystery from Johnny, everything is now clearer and anyone wanting an electric ELOS now has a dual-hub option with replaceable polyurethane motor wheels!

What would make this even better? If everything shown in this post was offered on eBay. Americans and other English-language users would then be able to understand local pricing and shipping costs. There are many, many Chinese businesses listing items on eBay. It makes things easier for people outside of China. All of these ELOS items need to be sold there too.

Previously here:

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