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TV: Hard Sun

A six-episode limited series, a co-production between the BBC and Hulu. This was so damned good! The story began complex and spun out new threads from there. It was totally unpredictable, right up to the final minute! Everything about it … Continue reading

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The Dogs Of Political War Are Sniffing For Oprah

I got this Notification from WordPress: “Booming” is relative to a blog so old that it’s not being read at all, so hardly a Big Whoop. But the curious thing was the latest Top Posts are about Oprah: Of them … Continue reading

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Confusing Ourselves To Death

As mentioned earlier, I’m re-reading Neil Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death. After the break, a video from a former member of the Soviet Union KGB that confirms everything I’ve ever suspected about the subversion of American values and historical ideology.

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Video: Assembling An Electric ELOS

Johnny from Taiwan did a series several months ago. Rather than repeat that, after the break is a video that condenses the entire process — through video speed-up — into a little over five minutes. Anyone who has wondered what’s … Continue reading

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Can VR Finally Gain Some Traction?

Lenovo‚Äôs Mirage Solo makes the case for standalone Daydream headsets As mentioned, instead of being powered by a phone or a PC, the Mirage Solo is an all-in-one device. It’s powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, it has 4GB … Continue reading

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Puerto Rico And America’s House Of Cards

IV bag shortage has hospitals scrambling to treat flu An ongoing shortage of fluids used to deliver medicine and treat dehydrated patients has hospital workers scrambling in the midst of a nasty flu season and supplies from factories in storm-ravaged … Continue reading

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