Measure Death Hills For Electric Skateboarding (And Other Transit)

Thanks to _pope_francis on Reddit, I learned of a site called It can measure the incline of streets. If this is accurate, no one needs to go through that annoying measuring with a phone.

I immediately went and measured the Death Hills I’d want an electric skateboard to propel me up.

The results after the break.

To thwart stalkers, I’m not naming the streets.

Death Hill 01: I go up and down this one almost every day, sometimes more than once.

Death Hill 02: Same use as above. This image is the reverse because the site measures based on the direction traffic flows, which is downhill for this damn street.

Death Hill 03: A route I sometimes take several times a week.

Death Hill 04: I have to use this to go to a backup store for a certain flavor of cat food. It leads to two more Death Hills!

Death Hill 05: Second and third to get cat food, measured as one.

Death Hill 06: Not really a death trap but still annoying since I have to climb it every time I go to the ferry.

According to the lying specs most electric skateboard manufacturers proclaim, any one of them would be able to do these Death Hills easily.


The only board I am certain could do all of these with ease is the Boosted Board, because I’ve seen Jermaine Ellis battle other ones on this island in his videos.

Thanks to His Eminence for the website tip!

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2 Responses to Measure Death Hills For Electric Skateboarding (And Other Transit)

  1. Pope Francis says:

    Six hail Mary’s and we’re even.

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