Electric ELOS Hub Motor Polyurethane Wheel Chipping

This is not good.

A video — see it after the break — shows the polyurethane wheel on the hub motor of an electric ELOS chipping.

It’s unknown if this is a conversion by Johnny in Taiwan, the kit I discovered here, or the kit from Shoppee. I’ve left a Comment at YouTube asking for clarification — but it seems the poster only understands Chinese (a prior Comment I left has gone unanswered).

The Description of the video raises something I’ve wondered about too.

Video Description mangled by Google Translate:

I heard that the tire is not a bad film is their own client motor, the back of the dialogue is a friend bought a north of a group of second-hand electric skateboard, buy a hand is a miserable condition would like to change also to ask, shrink! ! In addition, the size of the tire can not be changed skin tire is 70mm …. Elos is 72mm changeable tire skin is 75mm This is the diameter, if you look at the radius, can not change the height difference 1mm, changing tire height difference 1.5mm , Sorry brother blunt, stepped on really do not feel out there is any difference and have the original intention of elos against? ? This is to see the needs of individuals now! Speak too serious ~ ~ As by this meal, will starve! ! ! Brother did not have time to see the movie to buy breakfast, this is a friend to see what I told! ! Thank you, changeable tire motor increased exposure opportunities! !

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

The issue of wheel diameter is one that I’ve been puzzling over. Many hub motor kits generally come with 70mm wheels as standard. The ELOS as a kick skateboard comes with 72mm wheels. Mixing the two sizes — which is usually done by keeping the original front truck and wheels — is not good. It can lead to uneven wear, as seen on the Swagboard.

Since the video Description also includes links to the Shoppee kit — and is posted by the same user that touts that and completed electric ELOSes — I wonder if this is a marketing video that’s actually demonstrating how other kits won’t be as good as theirs. At post time, I just don’t know.

Now the video:


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