Not The Fake Money Bubble Bursting Yet

Yesterday, I wrote:

I’m still waiting for the bursting of the fake “digital currencies” that are bubbling even worse than tulips did in their day.


Crypto carnage: Bitcoin briefly dips below $10,000 on Coinbase, and ethereum crashes too

$260 billion ‘cryptocalypse’ as cryptos plunge 30 per cent amid fresh China, South Korea fears

That’s not the end. Anyone who thinks it is, is just wrong.

When that house of vapor disperses, it will have deep and vast ramifications in the world of actual money.

What? You don’t think people are using the fake money as collateral for getting loans of real money? Of course they are! This will pop far worse than any real estate bubble — including the one that involved all of those crooked mortgages.

Wait and see.


Beyond the Bitcoin Bubble

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