Another YouTube Policy Change Disaster Factor

YouTubers Beg Fans: Leave Videos On in the Background

The changes YouTube is making goes far beyond money. It affects a video’s reach:

“This move feels like an insult more than anything,” said Eden, a YouTuber who runs a channel called Helixx VR with only 912 subscribers. “The main problem is that monetize content tends to come up higher on search rankings, so it makes it more difficult to grow our channel.”

Daniel Martin, a YouTuber in the United Kingdom echoed the same concerns. “I’ve been hit too,” he posted in the group. “I don’t care about the money. What I do care about is YouTube will not look favorable towards my videos in the search rankings. Which will make it harder to gain any traction. It won’t push what it can’t make any money off of.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

If smaller creators are never given visibility, how can they grow?

How long will it take anyone at GoogleYouTube to wake up to the damage they’ve done?

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