More About The Huawei Honor 7X

Well, it’s not a phone for VR. No gyroscope. That’s a sad thing. [January 24, 2018 Update: Huawei Honor 7X: Possible Gyroscope For VR Use?]

And there’s no NFC. So even if there was a gyroscope, there’d still be no Google Daydream VR possible. No NFC also means no mobile payments and such.

But in many other respects, it’s the best low-priced phone I’ve encountered so far.

After the break, two videos.

The first shows a lot of of things baked into the EMUI interface.

The second presents reasons not buy.

Top 25+ Tips & Tricks For Huawei Honor 7x

Reasons Not To Buy Huawei Honor 7x – Honor 7x Cons

I’m still interested in this one.

Previously here:

Flossy Reviews Huawei Honor 7X

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