Weekend Review, January 20-21, 2018

I planned a walk on Saturday. But a Hell Wind invaded Manhattan that made walking more of a torment than pleasure, so I aborted that plan.

Despite the wind, about 4PM I saw a Boosted Board riding south on the bike path. Back on this Island, I had that black scooter that looks like an E-TWOW/Uscooters sneak by me!

Sunday was not as warm as Saturday but there was no Hell Wind, so I walked. eRiders took advantage of the day too and I saw these: 2 Boosted Board, what was probably an Evolve board (with gray outboard motors), a muscular electric scooter of the type they love in Singapore, and an Acton Blink S — my first sighting of one of those.

I stopped in B&H Photo to check things out. Their phone section has shrunk again and there are fewer brands. The tablet section has also been diminished to half its size. I wanted to check out the Asus I put SmartPDF Reader on — but it had been wiped clean! They had the Lenovo Windows Mixed Reality headset under glass on two different floors(!). Even though they did away with the large VR section they once had, they now have a table of VR cameras. One of them was the Vuze camera, which I got to see in person for the first time.

I also got try a demo unit of something new. The CINEGEARS V1 Pro VR Player Headset. Avoid it! The horizontal central focus is off. The field of view is so bad that it’s like looking at a 4:3 standard def TV screen; the black borders on the side are horrendous and inexcusable. It also wouldn’t play several of the files on it — some of which were shot on the Vuze, dammit! — citing a “decoder error.” Screendoor effect was there too but not that bad. I look forward to future standalone VR headsets that will have a wider field of view and lenses properly positioned so that eyes aren’t damaged. All the selection and playback controls are on the headset itself. I hope future headsets from better companies will have the controls on a separate remote like Google Daydream.

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2 Responses to Weekend Review, January 20-21, 2018

  1. scheblein says:

    So what is B&H replacing the phones and tablets with, if those sections are shrinking?

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