Huawei Honor 7X: Possible Gyroscope For VR Use?

Owners in India are reporting an EMUI update that activated a latent gyroscope.

This would be exciting except we don’t yet know if the variant sold in the U.S. — starting tomorrow, January 25th — will also include a gyroscope.

If it does, this would be a great cheap phone for exploring Google Cardboard VR — and especially to view all of the SBS 3D available on YouTube. It has a 5.93″ screen at 1080 x 2160 for a PPI of ~407. To compare, the iPhone 8 Plus screen is ~401 and the iPhone X is ~458 PPI.

See videos after the break.

honor 7x gyroscope update released | IT’S WORKING

honor 7x gyroscope problem & slow VR videos | Possible fix? | Honor 7x problems

BONUS! It’s already been established that the 7X has USB OTG!

Huawei Honor 7x – OTG support!!!

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1 Response to Huawei Honor 7X: Possible Gyroscope For VR Use?

  1. Joseph says:

    Hey I have the US honor 7x Bnd-L24, the Indian version is band-AL10, anyway, the L24 came with a working gyroscope, I ordered mine Dec 30th, received it Jan 8th. It works but in some VT apps and also some YouTube 360 videos the head movement is lagging and disorienting, you can see what I mean in the videos above.. As it seems the AL10 has the same issue with its patched -in gyro.

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