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A New Way To Run Out Of Time

One-Minute Time Machine | Sploid Short Film Festival · Official Selection

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Axon 7 Successor Finally Admitted: Axon 9

ZTE confirms Axon 9 will be the Axon 7’s successor The Axon 7 was the first affordable Google Daydream VR phone. But it came with two nasty surprises: The Android update for Daydream took way too long to appear. Second, … Continue reading

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Huawei Honor 7X: Possible Gyroscope For VR Use?

Owners in India are reporting an EMUI update that activated a latent gyroscope. This would be exciting except we don’t yet know if the variant sold in the U.S. — starting tomorrow, January 25th — will also include a gyroscope. … Continue reading

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I’ve Got Nothing Today

The day was eaten up by digital housekeeping of one kind or another. Here, have a funny/scary picture: Will try this blog stuff again tomorrow.

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More About The Huawei Honor 7X

Well, it’s not a phone for VR. No gyroscope. That’s a sad thing. [January 24, 2018 Update: Huawei Honor 7X: Possible Gyroscope For VR Use?] And there’s no NFC. So even if there was a gyroscope, there’d still be no … Continue reading

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R.I.P. GoPro. What?

Scary video: GoPro- How a Hero is Losing Millions So what will be left? Yi and SJCAM, both from China?

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Weekend Review, January 20-21, 2018

I planned a walk on Saturday. But a Hell Wind invaded Manhattan that made walking more of a torment than pleasure, so I aborted that plan. Despite the wind, about 4PM I saw a Boosted Board riding south on the … Continue reading

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I Must Repeat: This Blog Is CORRUPTION-FREE!

Image source My FTC Disclosure is still in effect despite the fact I haven’t copied it to this particular blog. I need to repeat this because a shitstorm has erupted in the eSk8 world over a YouTuber who purports to … Continue reading

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Weekly Update #3 From Puerto Rico

Since the first and longer post is no longer a Sticky, I’ve asked Astrid (@artistikem) in Puerto Rico to submit a weekly update on relief efforts and the status of things there. Each of these Updates will be a Sticky … Continue reading

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Flossy Reviews Huawei Honor 7X

This is a very interesting phone. Huawei Honor 7X – The Best $200 Phone Note that the American government thinks it’s somehow tied into Chinese Intelligence services with covert spyware! They made a deal between AT&T and Huawei abort. It’ll … Continue reading

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