TV: A. P. Bio

What? Am I hallucinating? Something badass escaped onto mainstream network TV?

I’m going to get in Deep Shit Trouble for even suggesting this, but Jack Griffin seems like a Jordan Peterson who doesn’t give a fuck!

The series premise, from Wikipedia:

Jack Griffin is a philosophy scholar who missed out on his dream job. He instead gets a job at Whitlock High School, teaching Advanced Placement Biology. With a class filled with honors students, Jack plans to misdirect Principal Durbin in order to use the students’ talents to get back at his job-stealing nemesis.

Peterson could have been at Harvard. But — by his own admission — his mood disorder prevented him from making a case for himself. Now he teaches out of Toronto. That didn’t stop him, however, and it’s Harvard’s damn loss.

But what if instead of following his own advice and bearing up with some dignity, he turned all damn crabby like — ermmmmm — me?

You’d get a TV series something like this!

This is a sitcom but without a made-for-morons fake laugh track or an audience full of dopes who didn’t get called in for a job as an extra that day.

And it’s genuinely hilarious! And kickass smart!

But wait! There’s more! NBC actually has three episodes up on the Net to binge-watch!

Go watch! Do it (at least if you’re not geo-restricted!). Very highly recommended!

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