When Looney Met Tunes

Talking Basement-Dwellers With Reddit’s New Favorite Philosopher

The flip side of the YouTube dynamic, of course, is that the corner of YouTube that has glommed onto [Jordan Peterson] is a marketplace with a particular kind of audience, seeking a particular kind of wisdom: aggrieved young men feeling threatened and alienated and seeking justification for their anger.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Well, sorry to disappoint those snowflakes — although delighted to disappoint the writer of this rotten piece — they won’t find any “justification for their anger” in any of Peterson’s videos. Unless they finally decide to take a damn hard and deep look at themselves as the source of their miseries.

Someone in a YouTube Comment summed up Peterson perfectly for most men: The father I never had.

Every damn thing Peterson is saying is what we should have all been told while growing up. That we weren’t is just further damning evidence of how degenerated a state we find ourselves in. Of our own making, to the degree that each one of us contributed his or her tiny amount to the anthill of our doom.

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