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Putting a Tesla electric car into space. What a strange world.

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Oren Investigates Regenerative Braking Of Electric Skateboards

Oren, who has three of his videos already featured in this blog, now garners a fourth! I’ve always wondered if regenerative braking actually did anything that was worthwhile. It seems that it doesn’t — when you’re using the brake. But … Continue reading

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If This Had Been A Real Economic Emergency …

… we could have all kissed our asses goodbye! “Trade Sites Buckle” — WTF! Previously here: Prosperity Is Just Around The Corner

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Bubble Bubble Virtual Toil And Real Trouble

January 17: Bitcoin briefly plunged below $10,000 late Tuesday afternoon on Coinbase, after first topping the psychologically key level in late November. Boldfaced emphasis added by me. Today, February 6: The scale of those problems is starting to become clear … Continue reading

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