TV: Angry, White & American

Channel 4’s Gary Younge explores the dynamic behind the election of Donald Trump.

At one point, he has a debate with Richard Spencer, which reveals Spencer to be a smug ignoramus. Surprised?

This takes place at a meeting where Spencer and others spoke about the desire for an all-white “ethnostate.” The attendees were so proud of what they were doing that the organizers demanded Channel 4 blur out their faces:

Big men! Not!

The most interesting and revealing statistic was basically a throwaway:

Almost two-thirds of the white working class think the country has changed for the worse since the fifties.

Well, because it’s true.

But who’s to blame for that? The black man who just wanted a job so he could live in society, pay bills, get married, and raise a family?

It wasn’t millions of black men who were the stockholders of the corporations that owned factories, steel mills, and everything else that shut down and fled the country. It was white people. White people owned most of the stock, were the corporate CEOs, company Presidents. They made the decision to shut down and flee the country. If racism was behind it, they were cutting off their heads to spite their bodies because look at the goddammed degenerate mess we’ve become. Did they expect anything better than this?

Any white person who swallows the bullshit about black versus white needs to get some damn history in them. And then to look at themselves inside very deeply. White people are just as culpable for this mess, powerless or not — even today. Back in the early 1960s, America still had a culture that held together, with a set of shared values (most people went to churches!), despite all the protests and grievances. Had blacks been welcomed and given their due as fellow Americans, we would have been spared generations of trauma that continues to this day.

Now we’re mired in a Gotterdammerung mess where the level of advice we’ve sunk to is “Clean your room,” “Stand up straight,” and “Don’t make things worse.”

Jesus Christ. Those used to be our starting points as children!

Younge concludes the show with extreme pessimism over America’s future.

I disagree. Trump is an aberration and the cockroaches who surround him are not the future.

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