“Pull The String! Pull The String!”

People who see this Ed Wood, Jr. clip and don’t understand my fascination with it …

PULL THE STRINGS!!! Bela Lugosi in Ed Wood’s Glen or Glenda

… well, after the break is the explanation. From Jordan Peterson.

Jordan Peterson – What the Hell is Controlling Your Interests?

I mean, come on, you hit puberty and suddenly everything goes differently. And who the hell ever warns us about that? Being told it in a clinical fashion is not the same as experiencing it.

People don’t examine the ideas in their heads. Why those ideas are there or where the hell they came from.

That’s exactly what propagandists, marketers, advertisers, and others trying to form public opinion count on.

I’m not sure I’ve said this anywhere else except when I was on Twitter, so I’ll put it here too: Half of our life is spent getting shit dumped into our heads. The other half of our life is spent trying to get that shit out.

What shit is in your head?

Previously here:

Brother Theodore And Ed Wood, Jr.

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