Jordan Peterson Makes A Man Rat Himself Out

Well, this is very strange. Very, very strange.

A man in England posting a video to YouTube where he basically rats himself out.

This is the kind of self-denunciation I would expect to see in a Communist country!

While it’d be foolish for me to argue against this guy, there is something I have to say.

He’s been too damn hard on himself. There’s a lot to respect in the kind of person he’s been. Law-abiding, conscientious, these are not minor things — especially in this day and age of fraud and theft run amuck.

As for his now wanting to stand up against the Surveillance State, well, that’s rather Quixotic if not just wrongheaded. That’s addressing something external to himself. Peterson is all about getting your own act together first before making a stand elsewhere. It seems to me that he’s missing some vital steps he needs to take before addressing others.

I understand cameras are everywhere. And there’s facial recognition software. And here’s something I’ve never revealed before: FaceRec software saved my ass. Someone somehow got a hold of some identity documents of mine and tried to pass himself off as me at the DMV, to get a driver’s license or non-driver’s ID. It was facial recognition software that stopped them. The bastard had the right papers. He didn’t have the right face. So High Five to that aspect of the Surveillance State.

And truthfully, I’d rather have cameras than not have them. There are too many crazy bastards out there who think they can get away with shit. From something as minor as assault to something as big as terrorism. Having a camera as a witness is a good thing. Having a record is always a good thing.

As for that guy, get your own life in order, be the man you think you haven’t been first. Solve your own damn problems and be the kind of person others want to emulate. If everybody did that, we’d have less need for cameras everywhere.

I am the man Jordan Peterson warned you about

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