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Two Movie Scenes I Have Watched Many Times

Can you see the things that unite them?

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NYC Weekend Snow Alert

So far, the weekends have been either frigid or washouts. And now this … While Weather Underground is saying 3-5 inches, local TV news is saying 1-3 inches. Let’s do some Weather Math and split the difference: ZERO inches, please!

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Google Has A TV Episode Search Feature

I didn’t see this before today: That is so damned helpful! Now I know that I haven’t missed anything. I’ve also tried it with The Blacklist and Designated Survivor. Well done, Google!

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Russell Brand Interviews Jordan Peterson

This is a screensnap, so don’t click to try to listen: Russell Brand podcast page. I was led to believe this was going to be released this weekend. It’s available now. Previously here: The Making Of Jordan Peterson Jordan Peterson … Continue reading

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Slaughter: Headlines In Time

It was unclear what was happening at the time, as shown in the two headlines from last evening: And then this morning, it was clear.

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