Lobsters Versus Humans

Well, like with mostly everything else in this world, I have become somewhat disappointed with Jordan Peterson. I especially have problems with his selective use of the Bible and using lobsters as analogues for human behavior.

So here is me fighting back against the lobster meme with the Bible.

Deuteronomy 20 New Century Version (NCV) Laws for War

Specifically, verse 8 (NOG translation):

The officers should also tell the troops, “If you are afraid or have lost your courage, you may go home. Then you won’t ruin the morale of the other Israelites.”

Lobsters — and other animals — act out their programmatic nature. They are hardwired to fight and cannot choose to do another thing.

Human beings have volition and judgment and temperaments and personalities. Not all of them — us — are fighters.

That Bible verse is a recognition of that.

And for any skull full of mush who wants to rear up on his new-found hind legs to object, just shut up or you’ll only embarrass yourself. You obviously haven’t read the Bible. Especially not the bit about how a single kid went up against an enemy Israel’s entire army was frightened by.

Lobsters? Just no.

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