Teeth Get Another Post In This Blog

The Sad Tooth: 6 In 10 Adults Are Too Scared To Visit The Dentist

For what it’s worth, dentists were feared almost seven times as much as neurologists (9%), and more than twice as much as surgeons (26%). Fear of the dental chair was deep-rooted for many; the average respondent began to feel distressed by the age of 15, with many carrying feelings of unease before turning 10.

More stats: Three-tenths of those surveyed said they’d rather put in a full day at work than undergo a dental procedure, and a similar percentage said they would abstain from sex — for a month!

Two in 10 said they’d rather give a speech to a large crowd of people.

As for what tops of the list of dental visit phobias? Rounding out the top three were pain during treatment (74 percent), pain after treatment (47 percent), and the frightening noise of the dental drill (34 percent).

Meet Doc Holliday – The Dentist.wmv

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