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Blog Notes: Back Monday

Real-life complications prevent blogging today. And, as usual, I try to take the weekend off from this.

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Blog Notes: Buggers

I have to do a full malware scan of my primary notebook. It keeps acting weirdly. So far, no malware program has been able to find a thing. Which makes me believe I have some State-made shit spying on me. … Continue reading

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Blog Notes: No More Likes, No More Tweet

Someone has found a way to spam this blog using the Like button. That button is now gone. Also gone is the Sharing button for Twitter. It requires me to have a Twitter account, which I no longer do. So … Continue reading

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The Pre-Ready Player One VR Hype Begins

With the Ready Player One movie premiere approaching, we’ll be seeing articles about virtual reality like this one: It could be the biggest change to movies since sound. If anyone will pay for it. The most interesting part is in … Continue reading

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Apple Event: Next!

Apple’s new, cheaper iPad is very, very familiar The new iPad is very familiar. It has the same basic 9.7-inch screen size, bezels, Touch ID sensor, button placement, and cameras. The big new features are Apple Pencil support, which works … Continue reading

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Huawei P20/P20 Pro Phones Add A Notch

Oy. After prattling on about how innovative Huawei is, we see the new phone has an Apple-style notch! I won’t be covering more of the phone event after this post. Full specs and more will be all over the Net … Continue reading

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Today’s Events: Huawei And Apple

Huawei is launching their new flagship P20 phone in Paris. This is the live YouTube video (as of 9AM EDST). Apple’s event is not being streamed live. It begins at noon 11AM EDST.

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ChromeOS iPad Clone From Acer

The first Chrome OS tablet is here Acer’s Chromebook Tab 10 is very much meant to rival the iPad, and that’s particularly notable since it’s being announced just one day before Apple is supposed to announce a new low-cost model. … Continue reading

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TV: Barry, Episode 1

Back in August 2017, hackers leaked the first two episodes of this HBO series. I recommended it then. Do I still?

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Facebooking Ourselves To Death

For the second time today, Facebook is called a surveillance outfit! The first was by Jean-Louis Gassée. More Facebook It’s not about third parties utilizing your data to surreptitiously influence your beliefs, it’s about you coughing up your life story … Continue reading

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