Law Of Attraction Debunked

This video is a hoot, especially at the end.

The Secret was a terrible book and an even worse movie.

And the Law of Attraction is something I don’t believe in.

That said, I do have some problems with the video — see the video and my objections after the break.

The Law of Attraction – Debunked (The Secret – Refuted)

My objections:

I have the greatest respect for The Amazing Randi. But belief is a very, very strange thing. While people see the Bible as just a guide to behavior, most of it is actually about that damned thing called belief. Yes, believing doesn’t make things into facts. But facts often originate in belief.

My second objection:

Here I will be lazy and just copy what I wrote at my YouTube Comment:

As for Anecdotal Fallacy, this is the excuse used by drug companies to downplay side effects that they won’t surface to regulators from drug trials and products released to market. This happened with a side effect of some statin drugs that had devastating side effects on some people, such as the deterioration of short-term memory. It took a long outcry from many people for this to be acknowledged as a possible side effect. Despite how rare the effect might be, if you’re the person affected, it’s devastating and a warning of the effect should have been given so people can watch for it. This happened to me and it took finding all of the “anecdotes” on the Net to bring it to my attention — and it was a year or so later that the FDA (America’s drug regulator) finally acknowledged it.

The frustrating question: How many anecdotes does it take to make data?

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