Adult Wednesday Addams: Genius!

YouTube did the impossible: Recommended something that is amazing.

It’s been a fantasy of mine to write a movie with Wednesday Addams entering the adult, normal working world — as a temp (a Hell she would have fun in!).

Well, I’m shocked as hell to find out someone actually did a series on YouTube about the adult Wednesday Addams!

Not only is this absolute genius — and far better than my fantasy — but it’s made me a believer in short-form mobile entertainment.

This is how it’s done! Jeffrey Katzenberg, this is what you’re looking for!

It stars and is written by Melissa Hunter. She’s a genius!

After the break, the entire series. Which lawyers otherwise had removed from YouTube!

See it now. See it while you can. You will be so glad you did.

Adult Wednesday Addams s1e1 The Apartment Hunt

Adult Wednesday Addams s1e2 Job Interview

Adult Wednesday Addams s1e3 Internet Date

Adult Wednesday Addams s1e4 Dog Walker

Adult Wednesday Addams s1e5 One Night Stand

Adult Wednesday Addams s1e6 Planned Parenthood

Adult Wednesday Addams s2e1 Babysitting

Adult Wednesday Addams s2e2 Driver’s Ed

Adult Wednesday Addams s2e3 Wednesday vs Catcallers

Adult Wednesday Addams s2e4 The Haircut

Adult Wednesday Addams s2e5 The Reality Star

Adult Wednesday Addams s2e6 The Flea Market

Adult Wednesday Addams s2e7 True Love Season Finale

A Special Message from Wednesday

UPDATE on Adult Wednesday A*****

Melissa Hunter, fight and kick and bite to get the attention of Jeffrey Katzenberg or Meg Whitman or somebody with some power over at WndrCo. You have what they need.

Absolutely brilliant work, Melissa! You’re going to have a great career once someone pays attention.

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