NYC Nor’easter Update

The snow started falling just before noon EST. And has quickly ramped up.

It’s already sticking and looks determined to make the day miserable.

The latest is 8-12 inches of snow. That still depends on how the storm moves. The snow began two hours later than forecasts I saw early in the morning. So anything can happen.

There’s been thundersnow too. The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore would have loved to have been here for that!

Cantore Hits the Thundersnow Jackpot!

Eyeing the heart-attack triggering shovel, I have no such enthusiasm!

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2 Responses to NYC Nor’easter Update

  1. ljnd says:

    I heard the thundersnow a little while ago. Now I’m hearing the plows rumbling along Forest Avenue. My VPN went out, but power’s still okay in West Brighton.

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