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Technology As Theater

The Greatest Leap, part 5: Saving the crew of Apollo 13 Those [Mission Control] screens weren’t terribly great, either. The rows and columns of figures controllers watched on their consoles weren’t sharp raster images—instead, they were blurry composites most often … Continue reading

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Reference: Pitirim Sorokin

As if my reading backlog isn’t overwhelming enough, now I want to read his works: Critic of the Sensate Culture: Rediscovering the Genius of Pitirim Sorokin An “overripe” sensate culture, Sorokin explains, has a demoralizing and disintegrating effect upon the … Continue reading

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More About Streampunks

There was so much to mention from that book! But I stuck with one extraordinary example in my post. In this video, Robert Kyncl mentions how James Corden’s show gained worldwide distribution because of YouTube. There was a great quote … Continue reading

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NYC Nor’easter 2 Update 2

I shoveled three times yesterday. By evening, the snow was one of the heaviest I’ve ever had to do. Water and ice and snow. I still have more to do. But I will let the sunshine beat it all up … Continue reading

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Zig Ziglar In The Blacklist

Wow. Last week, The Blacklist mentioned Carl Jung, Piaget, and Dostoyevsky. It was like the writers were giving a nod to Jordan Peterson. And last night’s episode? Zig Ziglar! Fagen [an arsonist trying to change his ways]: I was staring … Continue reading

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