More About Streampunks

There was so much to mention from that book! But I stuck with one extraordinary example in my post.

In this video, Robert Kyncl mentions how James Corden’s show gained worldwide distribution because of YouTube.

There was a great quote in the book and I regret not copying it (the book is back at the library). But it highlighted the tension of people who are recognized in public from their YouTube videos — recognized while working at a regular job. Yep, as I said, YouTube isn’t a Get Rich Quick scheme. And the quote I didn’t copy down talked about how being well-known is now “spectral” — you can be recognized in public but still not be making a living at it, while others do. Blipvert celebrity, as it were.

EXCLUSIVE: YouTube Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl Talks With Cheddar About “Streampunks”

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Book: Streampunks
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