Dan Peña. Wait. Who?!

I hadn’t heard of this guy before. This despite his claim of having created US$50 billion of value in his career(s).

This is a YouTube Recommendation that I avoided until today. I’ve started watching these videos and there’s one that I’m including after the break because it ties into something I told other people a few weeks ago and got ridiculed for.

Dan Peña – In the Cosmos of Time…

If you’ve already forgotten what he said at the beginning of the video, go back.

He cited Lenin and Stalin as “high-performance people.” Who the hell ever held them up as examples of anything other than evil?

But what he said was true.

A few weeks ago, I was on a Jordan Peterson forum and was encountering post after post from people who were young and already thought their lives were over because of that goddammed test Peterson is selling. They take their personality measurements as gospel and, combined with the fact their lives were a shambles (in their own mind), and the gap between what they thought of themselves before the test and the “reality” of themselves they’ve encountered post-test is a such a trauma, several of them were thinking they should just kill themselves.

What. The. Fuck.

So I dredged my mind, wondering what was the worst biographical story I’ve ever read that ended in a startling triumph. Something so improbable, so unbelievable, that if it was written as fiction people would have never believed it.

That story belongs to that bastard, Adolf Hitler.

He was a frustrated nobody who was going nowhere but had self-centered delusions of grandeur. As if that wasn’t enough, he was living in a country in a state of absolute collapse, post-WWI Germany. The currency was shit, most people were unemployed, many people couldn’t afford food and were starving, there were competing groups from the entire political spectrum vying for power, and really, what chance did a nobody like Hitler — who nobody even knew existed! — ever have?

But what Hitler had — and this is the damn point I was trying to drive home to the self-pitying coddled snowflakes at that forum — was belief.

Despite being shot at and wounded by the police, then on the run from them, then arrested by them, then put on trial where he defended himself, then put in prison, he never, ever doubted himself. He used his prison time to write Mein Kampf! Contrast that to the people in the Peterson forum who can’t even make their bed in the morning as free people!

I suggested the Peterson whiners and crybabies read 1924: The Year That Made Hitler by Peter Ross Range to compare their lives in a land of stable currency, plentiful food, political stability (mostly), and not having a reason to fear the law — as well as living in a time of unprecedented technological power each individual can wield — with what Hitler went through.

If that bastard Hitler could go through all that and still believe in himself, how much easier do they really have it and how small are their woes? And how far could they go with all of the advantages that surround them?

They wouldn’t have any of it. They saw “Hitler” and thought I was advocating fucking Nazism.

That’s the wretched state of non-thinking over there.

So for me to see Peña mention Lenin and Stalin validates what I was trying to get across. Separate the evil ends from the struggle and compare your struggle — so-called! — to theirs. Your struggle is nothing. Now stop crying.


Wikipedia: Daniel S. Peña Sr.

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