CityRover S5 Dual-Motor eScooter Reaches American Reviewers

We have a bit of branding confusion going on here.

The original dual-motor S5 electric scooter is apparently now being branded as the CityRover. YJC makes the S5. YJC also makes another electric scooter of a very different design, which they also called the Cityrover.

Aw, China! Stop that!

YJC has apparently recruited a bunch of YouTubers to review the S5 CityRover. What’s significant here is that most of these YouTubers are Americans. YJC is really making an effort to get into the market here!

The misstep is that I’ve never heard of any of these damn people on YouTube before now. How do I know they can be trusted? What e-riding experience do they have? It would have been good if Electric Bike Review had been recruited! There’s someone with both a depth of experience as well as trust.

After the break, videos from two American reviewers, one Austrian reviewer, a tip to bypass the speed limiter, and a damn persistent design flaw.

The Americans:

City-Rover S5 Dual-Motor Electric Scooter

The best dual motor electric scooter in 2018: Cityrover S5

The Austrian:

Crownwheel S5 dual motor E-scooter – first impressions & testride

The Austrian reviewer also shows his prior electric scooter. That establishes more credibility than the Americans. And he can compare the two.

Bypassing the speed limiter:

How to Make YJC(Cityrover)S5 scooter with fast speed

And the damn persistent design flaw of the carbon fiber stem:

S5 electric scooter Broken. Do not buy it… bad quality… ONLY 50km

I have to wonder, however, if the owner was doing any stunts or jumping off curbs!

YJC left a Comment:

Hi Jsucias, when and where did you buy it ? Pls let me know, i would like to offer help, and solve the problem for you. About this problem, we can replace the bearing hose.

There’s now a full-fledged website to buy the S5: Check out their About Us page. I don’t know if it ships from China but this is an easier way than wading into a joint like AliExpress!

It’ll be interesting to see if I spot an S5 in NYC — if this Winter ever ends!

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1 Response to CityRover S5 Dual-Motor eScooter Reaches American Reviewers

  1. Travis Stewart says:

    I’d like to give my honest review after having a cityrover scooter for just shy of 1 year

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