Dan Peña Yet Again

Interesting slide from a Dan Peña video, showing how people regard money and money’s actual value:

The uncropped image is after the break, along with the video.

And a post about Dan Peña I found on Reddit. Uh-oh!

Uncropped image:


Yeah, money. The well has been poisoned on its utility for millions of people, at least in the U.S..

But let me repeat that quote from Jim Rohn:

[…] You don’t have to like the setup. I don’t ask you to like how it is. That’s not what’s important. But it is important to learn how it is. So you don’t have to like it. But you should learn it.

We’re born into The Setup. Money is part of it. We must deal with it.

And that Reddit post: Is Dan Peña a fake?

I’ve wondered too, but I’ve found his videos at least entertaining.

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