The Pre-Ready Player One VR Hype Begins

With the Ready Player One movie premiere approaching, we’ll be seeing articles about virtual reality like this one: It could be the biggest change to movies since sound. If anyone will pay for it.

The most interesting part is in the Comments, where someone with the handle “laughing gravy”(!) said:

VR will probably be a great niche source of entertainment, particularly gameplay, for those willing to devote the time and willing to cough up the dough, but I think the people pushing this technology overlook the fact that most people do not want to interact at all with their entertainment. These are the same people who tried to sell us on interactive TV, and it just won’t go anywhere because people want to go home after work, turn on the TV, and zone out. They do not want their entertainment to be a challenge.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

At least the techno-life-naif’s favorite word isn’t found anywhere in that article: Empathy.

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