Built From Impossible

Are You a Miracle? On the Probability of Your Being Born

Probability of your being born: one in 102,685,000.

As a comparison, the approximate number of atoms in the known universe is 1080.

Mel Robbins publishes an infographic of that here: What are the Odds that You Exist?

My head spins. And I sense something is awry with the math. But these are still a staggering number of variables. I see the math starting out like a pyramid poised on its tip and stretching upward and outward. The numbers start small and then get bigger. Like someone telling you they’ll give you a penny at the start of the month and then double each day’s amount until the end of the month.

What prompted this post? A video by Gary Vaynerchuk I watched yesterday.

See it after the break.

so you want to complain… | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original

Now, if you really want to short-circuit your entire brain, factor in all of the things — objects, people, music, TV, experiences, books, etc, etc, etc — that you’ve encountered in your life that turned your impossibility into what you have become. Just how many different You could there have been?

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