Roseanne: Funny and Very NOT Funny

I was never a fan of the original Roseanne series. I thought it was crude.

But I’ve been watching the reboot out of curiosity. Some of the performances aren’t very good. It looks like a school play. But, surprisingly, there have been lines that have made me laugh out loud.

And I liked this in episode 3:


But then this surfaced: Roseanne producer urges fans to ignore star’s Hitler photo shoot

That is ghastly. As I wrote before:

There is no fucking way “Gas the Jews” is funny. Ever.

That this was done for a satirical Jewish magazine is also rather ghastly. Did they sucker her? Did she have a lapse in judgment? Was she that hard up for cash?

I won’t stop watching the show because of it, though. But I feel very uncomfortable about this. I leave it in the hands of others to sort it all out.

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