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In The Reading Queue

P. T. Barnum: The Legend and the Man by A. H. Saxon Holy freakin hell. 344 pages of text, with small type and thin margins. 66 pages of notes, in even smaller type. 10 pages of Bibliography, in small type. … Continue reading

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Video: Songwriters Benj Pasek And Justin Paul

It took seven years for The Greatest Showman to be made. That delay was damn well worth it. Probably one of the most fortuitous delays in history. Because it enabled the movie to get the songs and music of Benj … Continue reading

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Blog Notes: Those Annoying Ads Here

This post is overdue but I must do it now. Ever since I started writing about personal electric transport, things have changed at this blog. And not for the better. I don’t run ads on this blog. WordPress does. I … Continue reading

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More About The YouTube Shooting

Casey Neistat did a video. He comes at it from the perspective of how it affected YouTube employees. People he personally met and knew. Well, good sentiments. But the fact that no one else can know people at YouTube — … Continue reading

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That Blockchain Stuff

Foxconn to Manufacture Blockchain Phone From Sirin Labs A subsidiary of Foxconn has agreed to help develop and produce a blockchain phone from Sirin Labs, according to the startup. The new device, called the Finney, is designed to help owners … Continue reading

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