Blog Notes: Those Annoying Ads Here

This post is overdue but I must do it now.

Ever since I started writing about personal electric transport, things have changed at this blog. And not for the better.

I don’t run ads on this blog. WordPress does.

I use the free WordPress service. In exchange for that free, WordPress gets to run ads when it believes subjects covered in the blog match the needs of a bank of advertisers who are waiting to pounce.

For years and years, WordPress couldn’t place a damn relevant ad on my blogs because my subjects didn’t match anything advertisers wanted to sell.

Until I started writing about personal electric transport. That changed everything. Suddenly, ads from Swagtron — a company I have near-zero respect for — popped up on this blog. And then all sorts of ads started popping up. And WordPress even grabbed some of the sidebar space to place ads!

I get zero revenue from these ads. I don’t like these ads. But I won’t pay a yearly fee to WordPress for an ad-free blog. Because who the hell knows how long I’ll be doing this? I could quit any time. I could also die any time. Plus, my interests are so varied that it takes a unique kind of reader to stop by on a regular basis. Most of my readers come in via links from somewhere else (and most in-bound links are now one-way and mostly anonymous, so I can’t even trace back to the source!). I never expected to have a huge readership. And this latest blog actually has the smallest of any of the past blogs due to the new subjects that interest me. It makes no sense for me to pay WordPress to ditch the irritating ads.

So, please excuse the ads. They’re not here because I want them to be. And, again, I get zero money from them. If I was, I’d be disclosing that. See my past FTC Disclosure, which remains in effect.

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