More About The YouTube Shooting

Casey Neistat did a video. He comes at it from the perspective of how it affected YouTube employees. People he personally met and knew. Well, good sentiments. But the fact that no one else can know people at YouTube — they get anonymous emails — is what contributed to the goddammed horror.

Joe Rogan did a video. His is more on-point. He mentions what millions of people can relate to: Seeing the people who are clearly delusional trying out on American Idol. Tech giants can’t even deal with normal people. Can they even imagine the delusional? Will the YouTube horror sink in?

See the two videos after the break.

Some thoughts on the shooting at Youtube

Joe Rogan on the YouTube Shooter

And I must repost a video from a post I did years ago. This is what delusional looks like:


Did you pay attention? The guy was 51 years old at the time. He’d been at it for twenty-six years. That’s more than half his life. How can you even deal with that?

Previously here:

Changes At YouTube Led To Shooting
ALERT: Active Shooting At YouTube HQ

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