That Blockchain Stuff

Foxconn to Manufacture Blockchain Phone From Sirin Labs

A subsidiary of Foxconn has agreed to help develop and produce a blockchain phone from Sirin Labs, according to the startup. The new device, called the Finney, is designed to help owners securely store and use digital coins such as Bitcoin, as well as related services.

While millions of people have bought Bitcoins, relatively few bother to use them for daily transactions. To prevent theft, owners have to keep the coins on special memory sticks until needed, then remember user names and passwords that can be dozens of characters long.

I saw a short TV program about Bitcoin. I’m still not understanding it.

So I have this book out from the NYPL:

That’s this weekend’s reading all set then.

I’m also wondering how long until Apple realizes it needs to incorporate this tech into iOS. Apple would make it mainstream. Insecure Android can’t.

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