R.I.P. The Legendary Chuck McCann

Chuck McCann, Comic Actor and Popular Kids TV Host, Dies at 83

Later, McCann manned the three-hour show Let’s Have Fun on Sunday mornings, pretty much doing everything. One of his bits was to read the comics, dressed as the strip’s character, from the day’s newspaper. Among his favorites were Dondi, Dick Tracy, Superman and The Lone Ranger. His Little Orphan Annie — complete with big, blank white eyes (which he created by using a pair of coffee creamer containers) — was a classic.

And then, starting in 1963, every afternoon from Monday to Friday, he also headed The Chuck McCann Show. Like Let’s Have Fun, it ran on WPIX-TV, Channel 11, so McCann was on that station seven days a week.

The days when shows for kids had hosts with personalities.

He was wonderful to watch.

And twelve years after finding this on YouTube, I find it to be even funnier:

Stick it on YouTube

Rest in peace. You did groundbreaking work.

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